About Us

What sets Sauvage apart is not just our stunning surroundings, but the heartwarming hospitality provided by our friendly and courteous staff. From the moment you step through our doors, our team is dedicated to ensuring your celebration exceeds expectations. Whether it’s a personalized menu for a corporate event, a surprise birthday bash, or a lively bachelor/bachelorette party, our staff is committed to making every event special.

Our team


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MEditerranean CUISINE

The Sauvage menu takes us on a journey to different regions of the Mediterranean for an exquisite tasteful experience.


Mathieu Bell


In the opulent ambiance of our high-end restaurant, our bartenders are the epitome of sophistication and expertise. Renowned for their mastery of mixology, they craft the most exquisite and exotic drinks that redefine the boundaries of flavor.

Experience the allure of the Mediterranean with a twist! As the sun sets, our restaurant transforms into a lively club featuring a sophisticated crowd, top-tier DJs, and unparalleled bottle service. Elevate your night with our exceptional atmosphere and service. Unleash the night at our Mediterranean haven!


52 Rue Saint-Jacques,
Montreal, CA
(514) 508-4075